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Market-Project Some examples of student work: Selected Projects 2014

West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools

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Food Trust Market Presentation

Penn Praxis 10 Year Anniversary

Sustainability Seminar Identity

Penn Museum Maya Calendar

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Rebecca Williams’ animated logo sketch


selected projects


Ted Talk by Kidd on his career as a graphic designer for a book publisher. Kidd is pretty funny and I really liked some of his works, especially his book cover design for David Sedaris’s Naked that makes you take off his pants on the book jacket and reveals an xray vision of the lower body rather than skin. Literally makes you look deeper than you think you would. Wow.

Andrea Minini’s “Animals in Moire” Illustration Series

I came across this post about an artist who creates intricately detailed lines whose contours invoke the shapes of different animals. It’s amazing how organic and compelling these forms are for being formed from what most people would consider sterile lines. From the article:

Italian artist and designer Andrea Minini makes a living creating brand logos and graphics, but as a personal project the artist recently created the “Animals in Moire” series. A collection of black-and-white digital illustrations, the works take inspiration from the animal kingdom. But the shapes in these portraits of peacocks and pumas are anything but organic. Uniform curves outline the contours of he animals’ faces. The creatures become abstracted and almost architectural, defined by mathematically-plotted shapes. The high-contrast, monochromatic patterns create the illusion of depth and dimension, yet the forms appear hollow and mask-like.

More here:

I was reading some interviews of iconic graphic designers and I liked this excerpt by Milton Glaser, the creator of the I<3NY logo .

“The story of how I decided to become an artist is this: When I was a very little boy, a cousin of mine came to my house with a paper bag. He asked me if I wanted to see a bird. I thought he had a bird in the bag. He stuck his hand in the bag, and I realized that he had drawn a bird on the side of a bag with a pencil. I was astonished! I perceived this as being miraculous. At that moment, I decided that was what I was going to do with my life. Create miracles.”

It sounded like a kind of miracle that only kids would be able to feel, but then I thought that if we can create an ultra-realistic depiction of something unexpected in an unexpected space, it could still feel like a miraculous gift.

I used to read a lot from Brain Pickings when I was in high school. And I still get the weekly newsletter and I felt like going over some this morning and I wanted to share some parts that I liked that were somewhat relevant to our class.

Beyond Pretty Pictures: Marian Bantjes on Serendipity, Success, and the Whimsy of Design

“Known for her intricate designs of deliciously challenging legibility, Bantjes considers this a part of the creative game.”

Felt that this comment was really accurate especially for the sunflower piece. I liked the ideas of pixels and victorian curves though, I think it’s something I might want to play around with later on. Her works also reminded me of the article on decriminalizing ornamentation